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That’s the end of this story! Story over, whew. I’m still working on the next arc’s script, so there’ll probably be some standalone stuff for the next week.

octopus pie is so good y’all


Here is a sketch comic I made called Ducks, in five parts.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Ducks is about part of my time working at a mining site in Fort McMurray, the events are from 2008.  It is a complicated place, it is not the same for all, and these are only my own experiences there.  It is a sketch because I want to test how I would tell these stories, and how I feel about sharing them.  A larger work gets talked about from time to time.  It is not a place I could describe in one or two stories.  Ducks is about a lot of things, and among these, it is about environmental destruction in an environment that includes humans.  Thank you for taking the time to read it.



A truly unstoppable force.

introverts in a nutshell


Hellboy: Pancakes by Mike Mignola. Has to be one of the greatest 2 page comic stories ever made. 





i will never not reblog this

Dr. Seuss was a racist. He wouldn’t attach his words to an interracial romance. Here are seven racist cartoons he made about Japanese-Americans during WWII.

He also later apologized and wrote Horton Hears a Who! to illustrate his remorse for his previous way of thinking


Plant Boy series by scythelliot


Amortentia, a Scorpius / Rose comic : page I,II & III

Here you go ! It didn’t make much sense to me to post page 2 without page 3, so I had to finish them both before I could do an update ! Just so you know, there will only be 5 pages. It’s a small one, just like my previous comic !


a dish best served fried.

aaahhh mini booster gold (and blue beetle) !!!!


This is for all the people who behave like cats and use their laptops for heat.

Also, if you see in the second panel, I’ve made a little shout out to the humor blog Tastefully Offensive!  The guy who runs it, Christian Baker, has had Doodle Time’s back since the wayy beginning and I owe a great deal of my success to him.  So please go check out that blog if you’re looking for more funny stuff :)



I follow Shaenon Garrity’s comics fairly religiously, but it was still Tumblr that alerted me to the existence of this (good, if sad) one. Shaenon’s website has more of her comics listed (though not this one even though the original file is on the site). And I have to mention that she is the creator of Monster of the Week and Skin Horse which I have plugged before.

Tip of the hat to SeananMcGuire and Brinstar for finding this.

I’d dropped Shaenon a line asking if she’d mind if I cut up the comic I previously blogged to make it more tumblr friendly, but I see I’m behind the curve here. Hurrah, etc.