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Trying to draw everyday but most days it’s gathering the courage to actually post stuff 😔 #drawing #sketch #illustration #poison_ivy #fanart


Tom Bagshaw’s “Black Lodge" Portraits and Book Release.

Tom Bagshaw, master of the mysterious, has slowly (and slightly in secret) been working on a new series of darker and occult themed portraits (from over 800 user submissions on Instagram) entitled, “The Black Lodge" which will be released tomorrow, August 1st, 2014 for purchase as well as grouped together in an impressive collectors book.

The book and portraits will be available tomorrow in Tom’s Online Store.

See way more work from “The Black Lodge" series and a preview of the book below:

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Well, sat on these long enough. Character art tests for a client comic that was ultimately scrapped. HERD U LIEK MAGICAL GIRLS.


The fall


First in the series for Monthly Monsters. Sphinx for July 2014. I love Sphinxes and I wanted to give this lovely gal a Mediterranean feeling. I’ve been trying a new painterly style & I hope to keep growing! 


Joanna Krótka


Now that the show has happened here is the final piece I submitted for the Light Grey Art Lab’s “Animystics” show more information about the collection and other artist samples here! Procedes from the show will be donated to several animal shelters and charities, I’m so excited to have been part of the exhibition and can’t wait to see photos of the event!

For those of you who might be interested you can buy Limited Edition Signed prints, Archival Giclee Prints, and the framed piece from the exhibition here: SHOP


"Return of the Sun" by Tom Kilian on INPRNT


Look what the wind blew in my studio window! Thanks for the guys at ImagineFX for looking me up and featuring me! “Batman snaps” takes up a whole page! ;)


Zip Cy


Hi guys !

Few weeks ago I took part in the Disney Art Challenge organised by Disney France. At the end we were 17 laureates and now there is one last reward to win, thanks to you and your votes.

You can vote everyday, it’s super quick and without any subscription !

My picture is ” la pecheuse d’aube”

PS : I don’t have internet for a month so feel free to share, reblog, follow…

Thanks a lot dudes !


A pattern I made last semester for a project. This was actually a lot of fun and I’d like to make more sometime??

Dear god I want to make a dress out of this so bad! Spoonflower pretty, pretty please!