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A pattern I made last semester for a project. This was actually a lot of fun and I’d like to make more sometime??

Dear god I want to make a dress out of this so bad! Spoonflower pretty, pretty please!


August 1973. “Classics are back … English tweeds, herringbones, flannels… Hooray for the young varsity…Fun!” ~ Seiferts


ユエ aka Yue


Jakub Rebelka, More Work.

I recently featured Jakub Rebelka and now he’s posted even more work on his Tumblr that I couldn’t resist posting here.  Take a look at more below!

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I love this style so. much.


The Secret Hideout of Virtuous and Pure - Jana Brike

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Federico Infante at Bertrand Delacroix in New York.

For Thursday, July 24th’s (tonight) Chelsea Art Walk Bertrand Delacroix Gallery in New York will be giving a sneak peek at Federico Infante’s upcoming first U.S. solo show “The Space Between" which will open officially on October 2nd, 2014.  Federico’s paintings are genuinely gorgeous so definitely stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.  Continue below for more of Federico’s paintings!

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Trying out the new brush pens at lunch #stardust #illustration #sketch #drawing #ink (at Bryant Park)


T’was interesting finding the right colours for this one.


"Tengu" by Tina Solstrand on INPRNT


from  Library of World Literature for Children

N.I. Maltsev, Russian illustrator



Victo Ngai

For a article in Dension magazine about Fairy Tales and the changing nature of how these stories are told — from Grimm’s tales, to the super-scrubbed happy Disney tales through to the darker popularity of shows like Breaking Bad now. Fairy tale expert Maria Tatar also discusses how some of the world’s oldest tales help us navigate modern life.

Big thanks to Erin from Em Dash for this very interesting project!

I NEED TO READ THIS ARTICLE. I also need to find a way to have the title “fairy tale expert.”



A checlist I made to help aspiring illustrators get started. Download the full size and read the explanations of each point here:

Reblogging for some good general advice. Good whether you’re still in college, just graduated or trying to pull into illustration from another career.

This is basically everything they taught us in art school. If you want to work in more than one area of illustration ( like children’s book and editorial for example) you have to make two separate portfolios. Companies will hire you if they see you can do specifically what they want.
Also, to build a client list try agency access. A little pricey but it’s a start!


Carl Otto Czeschka 


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